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Equity / Diversity / Inclusion
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Talks 3
February 24, 2017
Using the Learning Sciences to Enhance Learning, Agency, and Equity
• AACU General Education and Assessment Conference
• American Association of College and Universities
• Phoenix, Arizona
August 22, 2016
Teaching So All Can Learn: Integrating Inclusive and Active Learning
• Conference on Inclusive Pedagogy
• Juniata College
• Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
February 18, 2016
Using the Learning Sciences to Enhance Student Agency through Inclusive Pedagogy
• Conference on General Education and Assessment
• American Association of Colleges and Universities
• New Orleans, Louisiana
Articles 2
Be Humane – Be Human: Disruption of the COVID 19 Pandemic and Future Pedagogical Practices
• Walters, Evers, Shelburne, Kraft, Hicks, Doolittle
• International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
The Creation of an Online Diversity Database
• Doolittle, Potts, Boler, Cachaper, Tabor, Hicks, Carico, Ariew, Atkins
• Virginia Society for Technology in Education Journal
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