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Talks 38
November 6, 2023
Active Learning to Proactive Teaching
• IRACDA Academy Workshop
• Tufts IRACDA Program
• Boston, Massachusetts
August 16, 2023
Active Learning and Student Engagement: Fostering Deep and Flexible Learning
• 2023 PRIME Academy
• TWU Center for Faculty Excellence
• Denton, Texas
March 30, 2023
Transformative Active Learning
• Transformative Learning Conference
• University of Central Oklahoma
• Oklahoma City, Maine
February 14, 2023
Active Learning from the Ground Up
• Active Learning Summit
• Center for Teaching and Learning
• Athens, Georgia
April 28, 2022
Active Learning | Proactive Teaching
• Teaching and Learning Symposium
• College of William and Mary
• Williamsburg, Virginia
August 9, 2021
Reassessing, Reimagining, Recalibrating: Teaching and Learning Post-Pandemic
• Pandemic Recovery Teaching and Learning: What Matters Now?
• Center for Academic Excellence, Appalachian State University
• Boone, North Carolina
February 12, 2020
Integrating Learning & Experience in STEM
• STEM Teaching and Learning Workshop
• Wiley
• Coral Gables, Florida
October 11, 2019
Strategies for Fostering Deep and Flexible Learning
• Conference on Innovative Higher Education Pedagogy
• International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning
• Charlotte, North Carolina
August 13, 2019
Proactive Learning 2: Design, Assessment, & Application
• Teaching Enhancement Symposium
• College of Agricultural and Life Science
• Gainesville , Florida
June 8, 2019
Effective Strategies for Deep and Flexible Learning
• The Teaching Professor Conference
• Magna Publications
• New Orleans, Louisiana
May 13, 2019
Integrating Learning, Teaching, and Assessment
• Faculty Development Days
• Faculty Development and Evaluation, Husson University
• Bangor, Maine
April 11, 2019
Leveraging Technology for Innovative Pedagogy
• Stevens Institute of Technology
• Hoboken, New Jersey
March 29, 2019
Different Approaches to Course Delivery: From Lecture to Flipping to Project Based
• Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning
• Cookeville, Tennessee
March 1, 2019
Fostering Deep and Flexible Learning
• Teaching and Learning Summit
• Wiley
• Miami, Florida
February 23, 2019
Integrating Learning, Memory, and Experience
• Teaching and Learning Summit
• Wiley
• Phoenix, Arizona
October 12, 2018
Technology, Humanity, and Intentionality
• Educational Technology Summit
• Wiley Publishing
• Hoboken, New Jersey
January 6, 2018
Integrating Learning, Memory, and Experience
• Management Accounting Section Meeting
• Phoenix, Arizona
October 23, 2017
Integrate Everything: Making the Pedagogical Sausage
• Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference
• James Madison University
• Harrisonburg, Virginia
October 12, 2017
Mind-Centered Pedagogy
• Conference of the International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning
• International Society for Exploring Teaching and Learning
• Orlando, Florida
October 6, 2017
Teaching, Learning, Technology, Memory, and Research
• Teaching with Technology Conference
• Magna
• Baltimore, Maryland
June 2, 2017
Flipping the Class: Fostering Deep and Flexible Learning
• Institute on General Education and Assessment
• American Association of Colleges and Universities
• Chicago, Illinois
February 24, 2017
Using the Learning Sciences to Enhance Learning, Agency, and Equity
• AACU General Education and Assessment Conference
• American Association of College and Universities
• Phoenix, Arizona
January 12, 2017
Deep and Flexible Knowledge, Course Embedded Assessment, and Instructional Assessment Strategies
• Winter Teaching Symposium
• University of Arkansas
• Fayetteville, Arkansas
November 19, 2016
Active Learning, Proactive Teaching, Deep and Flexible Knowing
• Educational Assessment Workshop
• Office of Educational Assessment, College of Wooster
• Wooster, Ohio
October 4, 2016
Designing Integrative Learning Experiences
• Professional Development Day
• Slippery Rock University
• Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania
September 29, 2016
Teaching and Learning in/for the Future
• Faculty as Designers of Student Success
• Center for Teaching & Learning Excellence
• Salt Lake City, Utah
August 22, 2016
Teaching So All Can Learn: Integrating Inclusive and Active Learning
• Conference on Inclusive Pedagogy
• Juniata College
• Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
July 9, 2016
Thinking More Clearly, Learning More Deeply: Active Learning, Working Memory, & Silver Bullets
• AmericanHonors Conference
• AmericanHonors
• Denver, Colorado
June 4, 2016
Research, Myth, and Rhetoric: What do we Know and Not Know about Learning?
• Institute on General Education and Assessment
• American Association of Colleges and Universities
• Boston, Massachusetts
May 26, 2016
Active Learning + Proactive Teaching = Deep and Flexible Student Learning
• Center for Teaching and Learning
• Hamline University
• St. Paul, Minnesota
May 10, 2016
Working Memory & Mindfulness: Reducing Distractions and Increasing Learning
• Ed Tech Academy
• Roane State Community College
• Harriman, Tennessee
February 9, 2016
Flipping Your Class : A step-by-step process for designing an effective learning environment
• Conference on Higher Education Pedagogy
• Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Virginia Tech
• Blacksburg, Virginia
July 24, 2015
Learning, Memory, and Technology: Working Memory and Learning Effectiveness in a Technology-Rich Environment
• Instructional Technology Mini-Conference
• Western Virginia Community College
• Roanoke, Virginia
June 26, 2015
Active Learning & Working Memory: Fostering Deep, Sustained, and Flexible Learning
• Process Education Conference
• Virginia Commonwealth University
• Richmond, Virginia
May 18, 2015
Teaching Large Classes: Strategies and Course Design
• Center for Teaching and Learning
• Indiana University
• Bloomington, Indiana
May 5, 2015
Flipping The Classroom : The Basics
• Connections Conference
• Blacksburg, Virginia
Articles 23
Defining Active Learning: A Restricted Systematic Review
• Doolittle, Wojdak, Walters
• Teaching and Learning Inquiry
Persistence of Multitasking Distraction Following the Use of Smartphone-based Clickers
• Ma, Stegar, Doolittle, Lee, Griffin, Stewart
• International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Re-examining Social Presence: Implications for Digital Pedagogies
• Terry, Doolittle
• Technology, Instruction, Cognition, and Learning
Improved Academic Achievement and Student Perceptions of Learning through Use of a Cell Phone-based Personal Response System
• Ma, Steger, Doolittle, Stewart
• Journal of Food Science Education
Effects of Segmentation and Learner Disposition on Learning in a Multimedia Instructional Environment
• Doolittle, Bryant, Chittum
• British Journal of Educational Technology
Unregulated Use of Laptops Over Time in Large Lecture Classes
• Ragan, Jennings, Massey, Doolittle
• Computers and Education
Students' Perceptions of Feedback
• Levi Altstaedter, Doolittle
• Argentinian Journal of Applied Linguistics
Effects of Segmentation and Personalization on Superficial and Comprehensive Strategy Instruction in Multimedia Learning Environments
• Doolittle
• Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia
The Effect of Working Memory Capacity on Multimedia Learning: Does Attentional Control Result in Improved Performance?
• Doolittle, Levi Altstaedter
• Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching
Fostering Analysis in Historical Inquiry through Multimedia Embedded Scaffolding
• Hicks, Doolittle
• Theory and Research in Social Education
Fostering Self-efficacy through Time Management in an Online Learning Environment
• Terry, Doolittle
• Journal of Interactive Online Learning
Reciprocal Teaching for Reading Comprehension in Higher Education: A Strategy for Fostering the Deeper Understanding of Texts
• Doolittle, Hicks, Triplett, Nichols, Young
• International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
Digital Libraries: The Catalyst to Transform Teacher Education
• Bolick, Hicks, Lee, Doolittle
• AACE Journal
Designing Multimedia for Meaningful Online Teaching and Learning
• Terry, Doolittle, Scheer, McNeill
• Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
Online Pedagogy: Principles for Supporting Effective Distance Education
• Scheer, Terry, Doolittle, Hicks
• Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
Social Studies Teachers’ Use of Classroom-based and Web-based Historical Primary Sources
• Hicks, Doolittle, Lee
• Theory and Research in Social Education
Teaching the Mystery of History
• Hicks, Carroll, Doolittle, Lee, Oliver
• Social Studies and the Young Learner
The SCIM-C Strategy: Fostering Historical Inquiry in a Multimedia Environment
• Hicks, Doolittle, Ewing
• Social Education
The Need to Leverage Theory in the Development of Guidelines for Using Technology in Social Studies Teacher Education
• Doolittle
• Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education
Constructivism: The Vocational and Technical Education Perspective
• Doolittle, Camp
• Journal of Vocational and Technical Education
Vygotsky’s Zone of Proximal Development as a Theoretical Foundation for Cooperative Learning
• Doolittle
• Journal on Excellence in College Teaching
A Constructivist Framework for the Read-aloud in a Secondary Classroom
• Doolittle, Tricou
• Reading: Exploration and Discovery
Vygotskian Vocabulary Development in the Secondary Classroom
• Doolittle
• Reading: Exploration and Discovery
Books 0
Chapters 8
Learning Social Studies: An Evidence-based Approach
• Van Hover, Hicks, Doolittle, vanFossen
• American Psychological Association Educational Psychology Handbook
Multimedia-based Historical Inquiry Strategy Instruction: Do Size and Form Really Matter?
• Hicks, Doolittle
• Research on Technology in Social Studies Education
Integrating Technology into the Social Studies Classroom
• Hicks, Lisanti, Doolittle, Friedman, Hartshorne, Swan, Hofer, Lee
• Integrating technology into the social studies classroom
The Effects of Working Memory Capacity on Learning and Performance in Multimedia Learning Environments
• Doolittle, Terry, Mariano
• Cognitive Effects of Multimedia Learning
Fostering Transfer in Multimedia Learning Environments
• Mariano, Doolittle, Hicks
• Cognitive Effects of Multimedia Learning
iPods as Mobile Multimedia Learning Environments: Individual Differences and Instructional Design
• Doolittle, Lusk, Byrd, Mariano
• Innovative Mobile Learning: Techniques and Technologies
Multimedia, Cognitive Load, and Pedagogy
• Doolittle, McNeill, Terry, Scheer
• Interactive Multimedia in Education and Training
Practical Constructivism: Teaching Multimedia with a Hybrid Approach
• Chandler, Doolittle
• Natural Vistas: Visual Literacy in the World Around Us
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